Saturday, December 18, 2010


Good morning everyone...
I have not been feeling 100% as of late. It all started in Cancun with a bit of a stuffy nose... nothing big... I still had a great time. Now... it's a full blown head & chest cold! My BFF is into Homeopothy, Naturopath, & Traditional Chinese Medicine. She stopped by yesterday & loaded me up until she can get me my own little stash. What a sweetheart she is! She even called her sister in Utah who is licensed in TCM! I have been using my colodial silver nose spray & drinking lots of Emergen-C like it's going out of style until she drops off more meds.

Growing up with a Polish Gramma it was kinda nice to be sick at her house. She would fix me up on the "devan" in the "parlor" so I could watch TV. She would make homemade chicken soup with Kluski noodles! Gramma would rub my chest & back with Vix Vapor Rub & put warm cloth diapers on me right out of the oven. Then she would make a "Hot Toddie"... tea with lemon, honey & a bit of whiskey! Now, those were the days! You always felt loved at Gramma's house! My Mom still does that! And, I even do that to my husband when he's sick with a cold.

Let me know what your Gramma's & Mother's did for you as a child when you were sick with a cold... I would love to hear from you!

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Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi Kristen-
    Love your name :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, so great to meet you!
    I hope you feel better, my mom always made me chicken noodle soup, it always did the trick. Or maybe it was just her :)

  2. Love your name, too! The soup was just an added extra. It was Mom!

  3. My mom's tomato soup for some reason always made me feel better even if I wasn't actually better haha. Get well soon!

  4. I was always permitted to watch TV all day. : )
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  7. O a;ways bank on my ginger and basil syrup with a spoonful of pure and good honey.It really eases the pain and the infection slowly milds away.But if the cough aggravates have to fall back to regular medication.